Thank you for joining the virtual Year Up Bay Area graduation ceremony!

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The Year Up Bay Area Graduation Ceremony will be a virtual event streamed through Facebook Premiere on the Bay Area Facebook page below. 

Year Up Bay Area Facebook 

  • The event will start promptly at 11 AM PT. We encourage you to open the Bay Area Facebook page 5-10 minutes early. The video will appear on our main Facebook page and you will not need a direct access link.
  • If you follow the Bay Area Facebook page, you will receive a notification that we are premiering the event soon.
  • You are not required to have a Facebook account to watch the premiere, though you do need to be signed into an account to set a reminder and post comments or reactions.
Thank You to Our Partners

Graduation Program

Welcome Remarks
Esperanza Rodriguez,
Year Up Intern at Salesforce

Mike Madriaga,
Site Director, Year Up Meta

Keynote Address
Antonyo Todd,
Year Up Intern at LinkedIn

Presentation of Awards
Kathy Koo,
Student Services Manager, Year Up Meta 

Kaysi Valencia,
Associate Director of Program, Year Up San Francisco

John Navarra,
Associate Director of Program, Silicon Valley

Brian Luis,
Site Director, Year Up Diablo Valley

Jose Iniguez,
Site Director, Year Up San Francisco

Presentation of Certificates
Brad Heikes,
Program Manager, LC Ambition, Diablo Valley College

Maria Reyes,
Program Manager, LC Excel, Diablo Valley College

Carlos Tellez,
Program Manager, LC Uplift, Year Up at Meta

Paris Carthen,
Program Manager, LC Achieve, San Francisco

Darryl McDavid,
Program Manager, LC Ignite, San Francisco Campus

Mary Ann van Westbroek,
Program Manager, LC Courage, Silicon Valley Campus

Julia Cuevas,
Program Manager, LC Empower, Silicon Valley Campus

Alumni Oath Presentation
Oscar Martinez,
Year Up Graduate Class of 2020
Enterprise Business Development, Salesforce

Closing Remarks
Jose Iniguez,
Site Director, Year Up San Francisco

Graduate Speakers

Esperanza Rodriguez
Year Up Intern at Salesforce

Antonyo Todd
Year Up Intern at LinkedIn

Welcome to the Year Up Bay Area’s Commencement Website! 

Dear Class of Winter 2022,
The long-awaited and much anticipated day has come – your Year Up graduation day! Congratulations to all of you for reaching this incredible milestone.
When you applied and enrolled in the Year Up program more than a year ago, you took a chance and stepped out in faith that you were going to create a better future for yourself. Many of you have friends or family who are alumni of the program, so you knew the potential payoff. Others walked through the virtual doors as the first and only person in your circle to join a program like this, and you had no clue what you had truly signed up for – would it be what you hoped? Were you ready for an intense program like this? And after a couple of weeks, you probably thought to yourself, “Do they really read the contract out loud in front of everyone??”
Now that your graduation is upon us, we feel it is time to share one little secret that we have held from you this past year. The majority of you are reading this letter with excitement and glee, likely overjoyed about graduation because you think you have finally finished. The secret? Your Year Up graduation is actually just the beginning, not the end. In the large chapter book of your career, what you are working on and wrapping up today is only chapter one – maybe chapter two – of the story of your career. 
And that’s the beautiful thing! You are both the writer of your story, and the publisher. After six months of Learning and Development and six months of internship, you learned an incredible amount about who you are, what you are capable of (more than you thought), and what you want to contribute to this world. With that wisdom within you, the path forward from here is like a clean, blank notebook you bring to the first day of school. You choose the pen, you choose the notebook, you choose your seat – today marks the beginning of an amazing journey in your blossoming career. 
As you begin to get down to business and put the pen to paper in the coming months, we hope you will reflect on the vast experiences, personal growth, accomplishments, and friendships you gained while in the Year Up program. We encourage you to embrace every bit of the highs and lows that you experienced along the way, as every moment will undoubtedly influence how you propel yourself into an even better future. We also hope you aren’t afraid to edit freely and rewrite your future the way you want to – even if you already wrote several first drafts. A pencil with a strong eraser is good for that type of thing, so don’t be afraid to use it. 
We are so proud of you and can’t wait to see how your story unfolds. With you as the author, we know it’s sure to be good.

In community,

Jose Iniguez, Site Director (San Francisco)

Brian Luis, Site Director (Silicon Valley)

Mike Madriaga
, Site Director (Meta)

Whitney Flores
, Site Director (Diablo Valley College)
Jose Iniguez
Site Director,
Year Up Bay Area - San Francisco
Brian Luis
Site Director,
Year Up Bay Area - Silicon Valley
Michael Madriaga
Site Director,
Year Up Bay Area - Facebook
Whitney Flores
Site Director,
Year Up Bay Area - Diablo Valley College

Alumni Oath

I PLEDGE that as a member of the Year Up National Alumni Association, I will continue to uphold and promote Year Up’s mission and core values. I will strive for excellence and realize my potential. I will use my time and talents to contribute to the success of Year Up, its students, and its alumni. I will take action in the movement to close the Opportunity Divide. I take this oath freely, as a promise to lift while I climb, and to be a lifelong ambassador of Year Up.

Thank You to our National Sponsors

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