Melinda Andrew, Operations Manager

Cory Bennett,  Program Manager

Joanna Brailey, Internship Services Manager

Kwain Bryant, Recruitment Manager (Admissions)  

Skip Burns, Employment Placement Manager          

Elise Ford, Site Director         

Amy Gordon, Manager, Recruitment and Admissions          

Kate Gruber, AD of Corporate Engagement  

Faith Hamilton, Director of National Accounts         

Leran Johnson, Admissions & College Enrollment Manager

Alex Kelsey, Director of Talent Acquisition   

Ed Kelsey, Human Resource Generalist         

Tori Kendrick, External Relations Manager   

Jaclyn Lenez, Director of Institutional Giving

Kimber Morton, Associate Director Admissions

Kayla Murray, Operations Intern       

Lydia Oshunkentan, Employment Placement Specialist       

Erika Potts, Associate Director of Programs 

Bridgette Schuch, Student Services Specialist           

Monica Thomas, Student Services Manager 


Brian Adams

Amanda Anderson

Jenn Andrew

Jonathan Barr

Ian Calligan

Robin Campbell

Wing Chan

Jose Covaria

Michelle Dubose—Carter

Amy Fox

Mercedes Gatt

Biplab Ghosh

Alonso Grant

Cheryl Green

Jada Griffin

Byron Hawkins

Kecia Heidebrecht

Ellen Hughes

Zayin Lackey

Hina Libby

Geo Marques Neto

Christina McElroy

Tori Mitcheson

Kizmet Moore

Kara Mottershead

Sarah OHanlon

Danietta Pignetti

Carrie Powers

Wesley Roark

Melissa Robinette

Aaron Romeo

Rick Scot

Justin Smith

Julie Stanley

Becky Staton

Charles Thomson

Toni Valentine

Zach Wardle

Juna Wolfmayer

Edward Yang

Mandrile Young

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Philanthropic Supporters

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