Graduation Local Premier Sponsor
  • Deborah Ayer, Operations Manager
  • Brendan Carlson, Student Services Specialist
  • Tina Clark, Recruitment Manager
  • Kierra Craig, Internship Services Manager
  • Latonya Hines, Site Director
  • Channing Hodges, Program Manager
  • Stephanie Jackson, Associate Director of Admissions
  • Michele Johnson, Student Services Manager
  • Quinette LeFlore, Admissions Manager
  • Meecler Louis, Admissions Specialist
  • Angelica Novo, Employment Placement Manager
  • Elynlou Ong, Director of Accounts, Corporate Engagement
  • Vincent Sams, Internship Services Manager
  • Keith Seagle, Employment Placement Manager
  • Travis Smith, Associate Director Corporate Engagement
  • Toni Southerland, Associate Director of Program
  • Michael Williams II, Program Manager
Corporate Partners

Bank of America
Baptist Health
JPMorgan Chase & Co.

  • Dan Hofacker, Managing Director  – Valuations and Collateral Review, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

  • Mary Ann Callahan, SVP, Bank of America

  • Whitney Lester, Help Desk Support, Bank of America

  • Stephen Pollan, President/CEO, Assessment Technologies Group

  • Dexter Seigler, Chapter President, NFLPA

  • Susan Turchyn, SVP, Bank of America

  • Wayne Young, Director, JEA

  • Morris Applewhite, Managing Director, Year Up 


  • Antony Banks, Chair
  • Erica Stennett, Vice Chair
  • Cheyenne Newsome, Executive Coordinator
  • Kenneth Page, Member at Large
  • Whitney Lester, Member at Large 


  • Heaven Hamilton, Chair
  • Jodeliz Cora, Vice Chair
  • Michael Baldwin, Executive Coordinator

Regional Representatives

  • Victor Franco, Northeast Region
  • Amber Ikpe, Southeast Region
  • Meshack Unah, Western Region

Committee Chairs

  • Anna West, Communications Chair
  • Shantae Shaw-Kimmons, Events Chair

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Philanthropic Supporters

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