Thank you to all of our supporters for your commitment to the Winter 2022 Graduates!

  • Aaron Shavers, Recruitment Specialist
  • Alice Lewin, Associate Director of Corporate Engagement
  • Alison Washabaugh, Senior Director, Scalable Solutions
  • Amy Gordon, Associate Director, Admissions
  • Ana Marte, Director of Philanthropy
  • Andy Steinitz, Lead Analytics Engineer
  • Angelica De La Cruz, Executive Assistant, Executive Operations
  • Anita Khurana Nijhawan, Director, Business Intelligence
  • Annie Martinez, Regional Director of Program
  • Anthony Lathon, Associate Director, Corporate Engagement
  • Beatriz Villatoro, Student Services Manager
  • Brooke Connolly, Senior Director of Philanthropy
  • Byron Ward, Regional Director, Partner Relations
  • Candace Moxey, Student Services Manager
  • Cat Ang, National Director of Enrollment
  • Charmaine Peart Ho-Sang, Director, Provider Partnerships, Scalable Solutions
  • Chrystal Stokes Williams, Chief Finance Officer
  • Crystal Taylor, Associate Director of Student Services
  • Daija Green, Internship Services Manager
  • Dana Kuperman, Director of Corporate Engagement
  • Dena Netterville, Employment Placement, Associate Director
  • Deodat Sharma, Information Technology Instructor
  • Devin Chapman, Enrollment Specialist
  • Devon Coger, Senior Director of Procurement and Travel
  • Diana Amadiz, Business Communications Instructor
  • Diane Coleman, Associate Director of Corporate Engagement
  • Drew Marley, Program Manager
  • Elainea Goods, Associate Director, Corporate Engagement
  • Ellen McClain, Chief Financial Officer
  • Ellen Twaddell, Enrollment Specialist
  • Emily Hynes, Operations Specialist
  • Eric Hoke, Business Communications Instructor
  • Esthela Lopez, Director of Institutional Giving
  • Hannah Hirtzel, Employment Placement Manager
  • Harleen Singh, Associate Director, Advisory Services
  • Harrison Bass, Enrollment Manager
  • Hayley Dicken, Program Manager
  • Ivette Torres, Internship Services Manager
  • Jeanette Lucciola, Senior Director of Sales Operations & Support
  • Jennifer Harwood, Senior Director, Provider Partnerships
  • Jessica Fernandez, Executive Assistant, Executive Operations
  • Jessica Marcus, Director, R&E
  • Jessica McKean, Senior Director, Financial Planning & Strategic Analysis
  • Jessica Zorola, Director of Admissions
  • Jesus Carrasco, Associate Director, Talent Solutions – Projects and Planning
  • Joan Carey, Senior Director of Organization Development
  • John Galante, Managing Director
  • Jose Rodriguez, Associate Director of Recruitment
  • Julie Wolpov, Regional Director of Development
  • Kachoon Yip, Information Technology Instructor
  • Kara Badette, Business Communications Instructor
  • Kate Gerwig, Project Manager, New Ventures
  • Kimberly Spataro, Director, Sales Enablement
  • LaTeisha Moore, Service Design Lead
  • Lehkem Rose, Senior Audio/Video Specialist
  • Linda Hanis, Associate Director, Operations
  • Louis DiFrancesco, Manager of Analytics and Strategy
  • Luckson Delvois, General Contractor
  • Malik Williams, Associate Director of Program
  • Mandy Hildenbrand, Senior Director of Talent Acquisition
  • Margaret Gardner, Enrollment Manager
  • Margaret Rizzo, Senior Director, Center of Excellence
  • Nadine Sylvester Crammer, Site Director
  • Naseera Avila Castillo, Employment Placement Manger 
  • Nia Atkins, FAO Fellow
  • Noni Barrett, Executive Assistant, Executive Operations
  • Rachel Fontana, Internship Services Manager
  • Reinette Ross, Associate Director, Alumni Career Advancement
  • Rowetta Roberson, Senior Director, Field Enablement
  • Sadayia Smith, Financial Operations and Sales Instructor
  • Samantha Bulmash, Manager, Analytics & Strategy
  • Sean McLoyd, Associate Director of Corporate Engagement
  • Serena Tillman, Associate Director of Provider Partnerships
  • Shaketa Wheeler, Executive Assistance, Influence
  • Shane Parris, Program Manager
  • Sheree Hicks, Program Manager
  • Shreevi Kanesan Rathna, Associate Director, Organizational Development
  • Stanley Taylor, Site Director
  • Susan Murray, National Director of Development
  • Thsthea Lunnon-Nails, Senior Marketing Manager
  • Tiana Ford, Associate Director, Internship Services
  • Valencia Gomez, Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging
  • Vanessa Rogers, Director of Academics
  • Vilma Schonwetter, Recruiter
  • Wil Velazquez, Director, Alternative Service Delivery
  • William Engel, Student Services Manager
  • Yessenia Torres, Associate Director of Pipeline Management
  • Zahra Haque, Manager, Grant Writing
Corporate Partners

American Express


Bank of America



BNY Mellon



Christian Dior

CIFC Asset Management

Cowen Group

Cox Enterprises

Davidson Kempner Capital Management LP

Estee Lauder Companies




Ford Foundation

Havas Worldwide


IEX Group

Johnson & Johnson

JPMorgan Chase


Loro Piana



Morgan Stanley

NBC Universal

Neuberger Berman

New York Life Insurance Company

Prudential Financial

Publicis Health

Real Chemistry

S&P Global



Starwood Capital Group

Sterling National Bank

Turner & Townsend


Verisk Analytics

Warburg Pincus LLC

Stephen Baron, JPMorgan Chase 

Joan Binstock, Independent Director

Frank J. Bisignano, Fiserv Inc. 

Sharon Y. Bowen, Seneca Women

Lawrence Cole, Google

Jason Coullette, Bank of America

Peter Drittel, Titan Advisors 

Maurice DuBois, CBS

Mikayla Dyer, Morgan Stanley

Edward Estrada, Reed Smith LLP

Geoffrey Gold, Salar Capital LLC 

Pat Hackett, Warburg Pincus 

Ernest Logan, American Federation of School Administrators AFLCIO

Barbara Mace, DLA Piper

Richard Parsons, Providence Equity Partners, Inc.

Phil Schneidermeyer, Ward Howell International

Michael Stone, Beanstalk 

De’Shawn Wright, Keystone Consulting

Lisa Belzberg, Independent Director


Chanel Jackson, Director of Finance

Tatiana Mangram-Rock, Board Chair

Ngozi Nwogu, Director of Social Media and Marketing

Patrice Oseni, Vice Chair

Anika Cox, Local Events Coordinator

Abigail West, Member-at-Large

Tony White, Director of Operations




  • Heaven Hamilton, Chair
  • Jodeliz Cora, Vice Chair
  • Michael Baldwin, Executive Coordinator

Regional Representatives

  • Victor Franco, Northeast Region
  • Amber Mitchell-Johnson, Southeast Region
  • Meshack Unah, Western Region

Committee Chairs

  • Anna West, Communications Chair
  • Shantae Shaw-Kimmons, Events Chair

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