South Florida Program Completion Ceremony

Event Program

Ingrid Arze, Year Up Intern at JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Graduate Speaker
Rukiya Williams, Year Up Intern at JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Awards Presentation
John-Marra Youte, Associate Director of Student Services, Year Up South Florida
Tristan Francis, Year Up Intern at ChenMed

Congratulatory Remarks
Lourdiana Joseph, Learning Coach, Year Up South Florida

Box Opening Announcement
Lacey Elmange, Associate Director Partner Relations, Year Up South Florida

Alumni Oath
Ashely Moore, Year Up Graduate 2021

Closing Remarks
Lucia Angeles, Program Director, Year Up South Florida

South Florida Graduates

Nathaly Arbulu

Ingrid Arze

David E. Campos

Kimberly Coleman

Braiyan Cruz

Brandon Escarment

Tristan Francis

Shacory Fudge

Darry Gaspard

Marie-Flaure Joseph

Qasim Koliwala

Sydney Lampkins

Denis Lopez

Jameson Louicenord

Gerald Martin

Joe Martinez

Karina Martinez

Lousindy Mitton

Ajahnae Moore

Mateo Pemberty

Naila Perez

Hutcheson Pierre

Choeurlee Pierre-Victor

Hans Sossous

Rukiya Williams

Jeffrey Zamora Arias

Program Director Congratulatory Remarks

Dear May 2021 graduates, 


Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your Year Up journey! These last 7 months have been one of learning and growth. I am very proud of each person who committed to joining this program and completed it. I remember meeting you in October of 2020 and remember how excited, hungry, motivated, and resilient you all were during that first day of orientation. 


Some of you worked full time jobs, attended school, took care of your children or siblings, completed 30 hours a week worth of asynchronous course work, and most recently a full-time internship. I am proud of all your successes and your challenges because it proved to us what we experienced on that first day.  


Graduating from Year Up is an important milestone as you enter your professional careers and embark on this next chapter in your lives. Now, as you graduate, you will continue to set and reach more goals. We are confident that with your Year Up and internship experience, you have the necessary tools to continue to grow and be successful. Remember to continue to leave paths for those to come after you and Lift as you Climb. Never forget: Once Year Up, Always Year Up! 




Lucia Angeles

Program Director

Cornerstone Award Winner


About the South Florida - Virtual Campus

Building on Year Up’s 20 years of experience preparing talent for the workforce, this program combines our demonstrated outcomes and best practices with new, flexible online learning opportunities.

Over the course of the program, students will receive hands-on training, real-world corporate access, a work immersion experience, and unparalleled support. At seven months long—five months shorter than Year Up’s traditional model—students will more quickly land a job at a leading company in search of top talent.

The first three months of technical and professional skills training will be part-time and primarily virtual, providing students with increased flexibility to complete their program work. Students will then have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a four-month full-time work experience at a top company.

Learn more here!

Alumni Oath

I PLEDGE that as a member of the Year Up National Alumni Association, I will continue to uphold and promote Year Up’s mission and core values. I will strive for excellence and realize my potential. I will use my time and talents to contribute to the success of Year Up, its students, and its alumni. I will take action in the movement to close the Opportunity Divide. I take this oath freely, as a promise to lift while I climb, and to be a lifelong ambassador of Year Up.

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