Thank you to all of our supporters for your commitment to the Winter 2022 Graduates!

  • Victoria Borelli, Student Services Specialist
  • Christine Buhn, Associate Director, Business Development 
  • Vinte Clemons, Program Manager
  • Chad Cross, Employment Placement Manager
  • Victoria Fear, Associate Director, Corporate Engagement Sales
  • Francesca Grill, Enrollment Specialist
  • Bobby Graham, Associate Director of Recruitment and Admissions
  • Lisa Graham, Internship Service(s) Manager
  • Daniel Holland, Account Director, Corporate Engagement
  • Peter Lonie, Senior Site Director
  • Taylor Reese, Marketing Specialist
  • Stephanie Singleton, Associate Director, Operations
  • Lexy Williams, Enrollment Manager
  • Claire Borelli, (Chair) Managing Director & Head of HR, JPMorgan Chase Consumer Bank and Wealth Management
  • Andre Brown, Agile Business Analyst, JPMorgan Chase (Year Up Philadelphia, Class of July 2014)
  • Brian Corcodilos, CEO, Designblenz
  • Clelland Green, Founder & CEO, Benepath
  • Peter Horty, Chairman of the Board, Commonwealth Trust Company
  • Rob Levy, Managing Director (Retired), JPMorgan Chase 
  • Tom McLaughlin, Sr. VP Group Technology Executive, Wells Fargo & Company
  • Kenneth Paul, Director of Live Events & Experiences, CBS Radio
  • Maria Quattrone, CEO & Realtor of Live, Love at Home, RE/MAX @ HOME
  • Sulaiman Rahman, Founder & CEO, Urban Philly Professional Network
  • Chip Rossi, Delaware Market President, Bank of America
  • Bonnie Rumbold, Chief Human Resources Officer, Sallie Mae
  • Aleena Sorathia, Associate, Ahmad Zafareese LLC


  • Taylor Brown, Chair, Year Up Graduate 2020

Board Members

  • LaToya Brown, Year Up Graduate 2018
  • Kimberly Torterotot, Year Up Graduate 2018


  • Heaven Hamilton, Board Chair
  • Jodeliz Cora, Vice Chair
  • Michael Baldwin, Executive Coordinator

Regional Representatives

  • Victor Franco, Northeast Region
  • Amber Ikpe, Southeast Region
  • Meshack Unah, Western Region

Committee Chairs

  • Anna West, Communications Chair
  • Shantae Shaw-Kimmons, Events Chair

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